The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is a local authority in West London that provides services and information for residents, local businesses, and the local community. Children’s Services is a department within this authority and works with schools, colleges and training providers to support students in identifying their options and opportunities. This includes meeting the Special Educational Need Development (SEND) agenda for all special needs young people, providing support through education and the curriculum along with projects specifically designed to aid young people with complex needs, such as Autism, Aspergers, ADHD.

Pistes-Solidaires is an association that develops its projects and actions according to UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education: learn to know, learn to be, learn to do, learn to live together and with the others. We create educational situations to develop social skills, to facilitate living together and to learn to be. 

Pistes-Solidaires bases its work on non-formal education methods, particularly those based on experiential learning. Our goal is that each young person may benefit from the unique experience of international educational mobility. Education goes hand in hand with openness to the world and an understanding of local / global interdependencies.

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd. is a pioneering enterprise aiming to develop and support social entrepreneurship in Cyprus. It initiates and implements projects of positive social impact (in the fields of employment, migrant integration, entrepreneurship and social inclusion) and operates “Hub Nicosia,” a collaborative space and a community of organisations with primary social purpose.

Resource Center for Integration (VIFIN) is a knowledge and research center at the Municipality of Vejle established in 2002 to collect and process knowledge on integration, and to develop and implement integration projects and activities. It creates, disseminates and mainstream good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national and international levels with the vision to be the leader in knowledge building, dialogue and innovation on integration and development.

Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar has been accredited by TÜV as an education provider according to the Employment Office of the Federal Employment Office (AZAV) and also at the Office of Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. The quality management system in the AZAV accreditation process is audited on an annual basis. Wisamar works in four areas:

– Integration

– labor market and social integration

– Further education

– Project Office

– EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy

The aim of the organization is the promotion of education, tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of understanding between different peoples, cultures and education.


Project Manager:
Thomas Kryger Hansen
Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
DK-7100 Vejle



Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
DK-7100 Vejle