“Social Inclusion of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Virtual Reality” is a project thatdeals with the social inclusion and employment of people with ASD. People with ASD experiencepersistent difficulties with social communication and social interaction. The lack of social skills makesit difficult for them to navigate standard everyday situations as well as having a job. Thus, they oftenexperience social exclusion. This project will develop VR tools that through simulated everydaysituations will train and enhance the social skills of adults with ASD and improve their ability tonavigate standard situations. The innovative part of the project is that the VR toolkit will be developedby people with ASD, which means that the tools will be made by those who will also use them fortraining. It will also develop a Handbook to help potential employers deal with people with ASD. It willalso showcase good practices along this field.A multi-skilled partnership composed by organizations active in the field of digital-basedtechnologies, social, labour market integration, and special educational needs, will develop a VRtraining toolkit for people with ASD with the purpose of rehabilitation and training of social skills.Furthermore, potential employers will be informed about the advantages of hiring a person with ASD.To reach this final goal partners will:- Make a needs analysis and a VR environment design based on interviews with people with ASD,relatives and professionals working with people with ASD (01)- Develop and implement the VR toolkit (02)- Train key persons in helping people with ASD on how to use the VR tools.- Create a Manual for employment of people with ASD and include good practices (03)- Arrange local multiplier events to disseminate information about the project and it’s outputs.These activities will increase the target group’s ability to navigate standard everyday situations aswell as work-related situations. In this way, the project aims to foster social integration andemployment opportunities of the target group through VR technology


Project Manager:
Thomas Kryger Hansen
Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
DK-7100 Vejle

Email: thkha@vejle.dk


Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
DK-7100 Vejle